People on U.S. Paper Money




People on Modern U.S. Paper Money

The following is a list of who appears on modern U.S. currency printed after the redesign in 1928.




$1                George Washington

                    (1st U.S. President 1789-1797)


$2                Thomas Jefferson

                    (3rd U.S. President 1801-1809)


$5                Abraham Lincoln

                    (16th U.S. President 1861-1865)


$10              Alexander Hamilton

                    (1st Secretary of the Treasury, 1789 -1795)


$20              Andrew Jackson

                    (7th U.S. President 1829-1837)


$50              Ulysses Grant

                    (18th U.S. President 1869 - 1877)


$100            Ben Franklin

                    (Statesman, from about 1748 – 1788)



The following notes are no longer in production, nor do they actively circulate:



$500            William McKinley

                    (25th U.S. President 1897-1901)


$1000          Grover Cleveland

                    (22nd & 24th U.S. President 1885-1889 & 1893-1897)


$5000          James Madison

                    (4th U.S. President 1809-1817)


$10,000      Salmon Chase

                    (U.S. Treasury Secretary under Lincoln 1861-1864)

The $10,000 banknote is the largest denomination ever issued for use in public circulation.


$100,000    Woodrow Wilson (28th U.S. President 1913-1921)

The $100,000 banknote was not released to the public, and was only used in fiscal transactions between

the 12 Federal Reserve Banks. This is the largest denomination banknote ever printed by the United States.