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United States


USA - Original Thirteen Colonies


USA - Private Issue Currency

- New 3/01/2020 Vermont State Bank 1.25 Dollars banknote dated 1807 addition.


USA - Misc. Banknotes

- New 10-10-2019: Nevada State Controller's Warrant from 1877





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The Sound of Money - Musical Notes

A great exploration into the world of musical banknotes. This page has a wide selection of paper money with musicians, composers, conductors, and instruments with a wide variety from truly ancient music, such as the oldest song ever found written down on a clay tablet in Syria, to modern the modern day music scene.


Newly added:

February 2021: England: Sir Edward Elgar, composer.

January 2021: Serbia Gusle player Filip Višnjić, instrumentalist and storyteller.

November 2020: Updated Ireland (Northern) with traditional Irish music.

October 2020: Finland featuring Jean Sibelius, composer.

October 2020: Chad/Equatorial African States 100 Francs showing an Arched Harp aka Konde Harp.



Fantasy Notes