Welcome to The Banknote Den


The collection of world paper money, or Notaphily, is an enjoyable hobby that brings the world to your door. Paper Money, also known as Banknotes, have many cultural aspects including designs, portraits, artwork, languages, etc., that are unique to the country or area of origin. Through the enjoyment and study of banknotes, it is possible to learn about various cultures, history, languages, archaeology, art, and much more.


From antiquity to modern day, banknotes come in various sizes, denominations, colors, and conditions. There are as many different banknotes as there are people, it seems, and this makes it possible for banknote collections to vary considerably from one person to another. I have yet to meet two banknote collectors whose collections were focused on the exact same area; although I have seen many collections that have some of the same notes in them, I have never seen two collections that were identical.


Rather than focused on a particular country or time in history, or collecting banknotes with particular themes such as ships, birds, portraits of scientists or poets, my collection is extremely varied. This fits my personality and is an eclectic mess from the entire world, right here in my living room. If you have a similar interest, you can find the stories behind the people and places on many banknotes by perusing this site.