Test Banknote from Thomas De La Rue Company

Fantasy Banknotes

Fake, or Fantasy, banknotes is another area of collecting that has a good number of collectors. While not my personal cup of tea, there are some pretty cool notes out there, and they deserve mentioning in this area. More than just play money, the fantasy notes can cover a variety of areas, including religious dedications to the spirit world, test notes for cash machines and printing methods, fund raising for ecological areas of the planet, and much more.

Fantasy notes are simply fake notes that are not meant for circulation. Such notes include play money for games, advertisements, artful renditions and religious purposes, including Chinese Hell Money, (often refererd to as Ghost or Spirit Money) and parody notes, which are often used to mock political officials.

Notes made by printers or banking systems for their own use in testing cash machines and prniting methods are often refered to as Test Notes, while items such as Disney Dollars, and other “Store Money”, stocks, checks, etc are often referred to as “Scripophily”.

Below you will find a few notes from my collection, including a few that I have designed myself.