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Musical Notes: Belarus 100 Rubles added

Maryland 1840 $20 

Pensylvania 1835 $10 

New Jersey 1827 $20 

Here you will find some US Banknotes to illustrate various design elements that existed in our not too distant past.

A sample of the the early days of American Paper Money – Colonial Notes from the Original 13 Colonies, and a couple of Continental issues at the end, as well.

There was a time when there were banknotes issued by private banks. In fact, there are still some countries which allow this, such as Scotland, Northern Ireland, and in China Hong Kong still has banks that issue private notes.

Military Scrip, Government Warrants, Fractional Currency, Pogs, etc. 

A small sample of Chinese banknotes from the early 20th Century, focusing on the private issue  vertical notes. 

These notes were local issued from before Japan was fully united as a country until it allowed western styles to influence its culture. A fascinating glimpse into a very different culture. 

 paper money with musicians, composers, conductors, and instruments with a wide variety from truly ancient music, such as the oldest song ever found written down on a clay tablet in Syria, to modern the modern day music scene.

Fake, or Fantasy, banknotes is another area of collecting that has a good number of collectors. While not my personal cup of tea, there are some pretty cool notes out there, and they deserve mentioning in this area.