The Many Faces of Money

World History and Culture through Banknotes

The Banknote Den presents “The Many Faces Of Money”, a collection of short essays describing different aspects found on the face of banknotes from all over the world. The focus is mainly on the primary feature of each banknote and includes articles on:

  • Biographies of persons whose portraits are shown
  • Explanations of uncommon objects such as tribal masks
  • Informative histories of strange buildings
  • Retelling of legends on commemorative issues
  • Explanations of unusual practices depicted
  • Common yet unfamiliar design elements
  • History of people and places around the world
  • Links between North America, South America and European liberation symbols
  • An explanation of different security features found on many banknotes
  • A list of many superstitions concerning several aspects of money in general

These essays will focus on the main feature of who and what is actually depicted on the banknotes. Each article is designed to maintain interest and arouse curiosity by being short, yet informative. Whatever your fancy, political intrigue, human rights activism, war stories, love stories, religious studies, fables from ancient days almost forgotten, they are there, staring millions of people in the face, their stories waiting to be discovered, unfolded and uncrumpled from your pocket. With a little inquisitiveness you too can learn the stories from the Many Faces of Money.

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  • Mythical and Legendary Creatures on Banknotes – September 2022 – Under ‘X’

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