Musical Notes: Cabo Verde (Three Banknotes)

1000 Escudos
Code di Dona

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This Cabo Verde banknote depicts not only Code di Dona, but the musical instrument called a Ferrinhu, or a Ferrinho. It is a simple metal bar, or angle iron, that is about 1 meter (or three feet) in length and generally held in one hand while resting on the shoulder. The instrument is struck or scraped in syncopated rhythm by some other metal rod in the other hand. It features prominently in Cabo Verdean music of the Funana genre.  

Code di Dona Sema Lopi – Sema Lopi

Code Di Dona-Policia Di Praia

Codé di Dona – Pomba

2000 Escudos

Cesaria Evora

100 Escudos
Cimboa instrument