Musical Notes: Gabon (Central African States)

5000 Francs
Pluriarc style instrument

Links to Music:

A unique Instrument called a Pluriarc is located on the back-left of this banknote. It is also called: akpata, ensndju, lakweme, paata, mapu. luku, kissanga, sambi, ngwomi,kuba, lusinga, lukombe, among other names depending on the area.

A type of lute, it has a hollow body and several curved, necks – one for each string. Tuning is only an approximation due to the necks pliability, but it can result in pleasing bendable notes in the hands of an adept player. 

Much has been written about these, but almost no videos of this instrument can be found. Below are the links the best videos and sound samples I could get in September 0f 2020. 

Musique traditionnelle du Congo – with other misc. instruments

Musique primitive 14

Grinnel College Musical Instrument Collection: Pluriarc