Musical Notes: Poland

5000 Zlotych
Fryderyk Chopin

Links to Music:

Chopin 1  Arthur Rubinstein – Chopin Nocturne Op. 55, No. 1 in F Minor


Chopin 2    Chopin Nocturne Op.9 No.2 (Arthur Rubinstein)


Chopin 3    The score on the back of the above banknote. Arthur Rubenstein plays Chopin Polonaise in Ab Major Op 53 Heroic

10 Zlotych 1940
Fryderyk Chopin

The reverse of the note shows a monument to Chopin, depicting him under a willow tree. This is of an actual monument in Łazienki Park, aka Royal Baths Park, in Warsaw. Purposely destroyed by the occupying Nazis in WWII, it was recast and erected on the same spot in 1958. Oddly, this note commemorating the statue/monument was produced while under German Occupation.

While there are rather a lot of statues and monuments to Chopin throguhout the world, an interesting sideline is that this particular statue has two exact counterparts, one in Grant Park Chicago, Illinois and another in Hamamatsu, Japan.

20 Zlotych 2009
Fryderyk Chopin

100000 Zlotych
Stanislaw Moniuszko

Links to Music:

Moniuszko 1  Stanisław Moniuszko – Overture for “Halka”

Moniuszko 2  Stanisław Moniuszko – Polka Daniel

Moniuszko 3    Stanisław Moniuszko – “Flis” (The Raftsman)

2,000,000 Zlotych
Ignacy Jan Paderewski