Musical Notes: Romania - Three Banknotes

50000 Lei – 5 Lei, featuring

George Enescu, a famous violin player. 

Showing here are examples of the notes evolution from the initial design in 1996 with a bronze shape of Romania on the front, second design in 2000 with a bronze shape on front of a violin and viola,  third design in polymer with the removal of the bronze shape and a redesigned back, and the fourth design in polymer with redenomination to 5 lei when they dropped off four zeros. There is a really neat clear window in the shape of a musical note. 

Romania 50,000 Lei 2005
Romania 50,000 Lei 2004
Romania 50,000 Lei 2000
Romania 50,000 Lei 1996

The building on the reverse of two of the notes is the Romanian Athenaeum, a concert hall that opened in 1888. It houses the George Enescu Philharmonic and also hosts the George Enescu Festival and Competition. 

Links to Music:

George Enescu George Enescu, Balada pentru vioara

George Enescu George Enescu – Rapsodia Romana (op.2)

George Enescu George Enescu – Poema Romana I

Singing Romanian MoNeY Someone put together a nice animation of Pop Song Singing Banknotes!