Maryland 1818 $2

Mechanics Bank of Baltimore, Maryland


This 2 dollar banknote from Baltimore, Maryland was issued in 1818 by the Mechanics Bank of Baltimore which was incorporated early on in 1806.  The Cashier, John Brice, served as the cashier of this bank from 1817-1823.

In the year 1818 the USA had signed the Treaty of 1818 with Britain, settling the boundary between Canada and the USA at the 49th Parallel. The men’s clothing store Brooks Brothers was opened in New York City and though it has changed hands a few times, the company is still in operation today, over 205 years later.

Also in 1818 the US Congress agreed to a set plan for the US Flag. At the time, the flag had 15 stars and 15 stripes, but it was agreed that a new star would be added for each new state admitted to the union, while setting the stripes at 13 in honor of the original 13 colonies. The new flag in 1818 would have 20 stars and 13 stripes.

the flag in 1818 with 20 Stars and 13 Stripes
United States (MD Mechanics bank of Baltimore) 10 Dollars - 1818 Front
United States (MD Mechanics bank of Baltimore) 10 Dollars - 1818 Back
Baltimore Map 1823